Lupus Doesn’t Stop

Neither Do You

Your journey with lupus may be demanding. Let’s explore an option for potential relief along the way. Join a community seeking answers for lupus through clinical research. See if the SELECT-SLE Research Study is right for you.

You may be able to participate

in the SELECT-SLE Research Study if you:

Are between
18 and 63 years old

Have been diagnosed with lupus for at least 6 months

Have been feeling lupus symptoms despite being consistently treated for lupus

If you are interested in participating, the study doctor or staff will review additional study criteria with you.

Qualified participants will receive all study-related drugs (the active investigational drug or placebo) and study-related care at no cost. Participants may be compensated for travel and expenses.

About the
SELECT-SLE Research Study

The SELECT-SLE Research Study is a clinical research study designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of an investigational drug compared to a placebo in reducing disease activity/flares and improving the quality of life for participants living with lupus. Participants receive either the investigational drug or a placebo (something that looks like the investigational drug but has no effect on the body), both administered as oral treatments, on top of other lupus treatments participants were already receiving.

Participants have an equal chance of receiving either the investigational drug or a placebo. The period of the study during which some participants take a placebo (the placebo-controlled period) involves up to 15 study clinic visits, and the duration is up to 52 weeks. After completion of this placebo-controlled period, there is a long-term extension period in which all participants will receive the active investigational drug for an additional 5 study clinic visits and an additional duration of 52 weeks.
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